Make Your Business MIGHTY
Tip # 6: Internet Ads

Nobody looks in the phone book anymore…

How good is your internet presence? How many hits did your banner ads generate this month?  How many internet directories is your business listed in? Do you use viral marketing strategies to generate a buzz?

Let us do an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Review and upgrade for you. Call for more details on how we can get your hit counter spinning!

Tip # 4: Print Ads

Have you concidered Print Advertising?

Newspaper circulation is down, but did you know magazine readership is up?!!  Print is still the most widely used format.  Regerdless of the type of business print IS NECESSARY!  When was the last time you saw your busness at the news stand? Have you reached out to your customers with flyers and mail campains? 

Our creative artists will bring your ideas to new life. Talk to our advisors about your print advertising! 

Tip # 5: Market Research

Have you considered surveying your present customers?

MIGHTY can conduct research to find what your current customers found most endearing about your business so you can focus on that for future customer interactions!  Our people are professional and discrete, and trained not to anger or annoy your valuable customers.

You get the information you need to make better business decisions!

Tip # 3: Billboard Ads

Have you considered Billboards?

Our artists are awesome and understand what catches the eye!  Whether we format the design to fit a billboard on the turnpike, a bus stop or the bus itself, we will help you find and secure the best locations for your message!

New electronic billboards display with fantastic results whether In-Store or Outdoor, Join the wave of the future!

Call for more details!

Tip # 2: TV Ads

Have you considered TV ads?

Reach and frequency on local cable stations can't be beat!  Production is more affordable than you think, whether 30 second spots or 30 minute infomercials, TV makes lasting impressions!

You can also use your TV commercials around your retail locations, on your website, or on sites like www.youtube.com to get even greater bang for your buck.
Ask us How!!

Tip # 1: Radio Ads

Have you considered radio advertising?

Many radio commercials are inexpensive and can be very effective. 


Find out how many people listen to radio in your area. Call now!