What is the MIGHTY METHOD?


STUDIO 27's Mighty Method will help you create strategies and package messages that successfully sell products, motivate actions, and forge stronger relationships with customers, employees, shareholders, and vendors.


To begin, together we will clarify desired objectives, budget, timing, and goals. Next, we will conduct research that will help us develop a solid foundation for all subsequent strategic and creative recommendations. With your direction in focus, we will then start developing
a strategic plan to maximize the customer experience.

We wil compare competitors brand strategies, logos and key attributes; speak with your best clients with video captured focus groups to learn your company's most effective attributes; Identify a profile of your present customer base and your target consumer; in the effort to discover how you see yourselves, and how the world views your company.


Whatever your project, we create an identity that articulates the attributes of your company's products and builds an emotional connection with customers.  Our designs drive an overall brand campaign that positions you as a “thought leader” in your industry and
motivates new customers to ask for your brand.

We will articulate the story that defines your competitive edge and gets you remembered. We will define a mantra that customers and employees can believe in, identify with and repeat easily. 

All this and we will make it look snazzy because thats what we do best!



We develop your identity into the Mighty brand you deserve to be!  Whether you need logo design, advertising materials, web design, moble applications, printed materials, viral marketing videos, or trade show collaterals; we will carry the plan through to brand the company and develop its identity through the mix you feel is right.

We specialize in: Print, Web, Radio and Television Advertising; Sales and Point of Purchase Materials; Website and Mobile App Development;  Sales Meetings & Product Introduction Events; Rich Media Productions; Corporate Communications


The job doesnt end with delevery, we continue to follow the brand development strategy we formulated together in the design process. We monitor your brand's progress; we measure results and quantify ROI and make adjustments when nessisary to keep your brand on track.

We offer Feedback and test market and evaluate with special attention to the ROI of each marketing effort. If needed, we may suggest revisions of ineffective media and advertising programs to fit the new data.